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With our adult groups, we use a level system to accommodate for every individual from the busy lawyer with tons of ball games to go to with the family, the stay at home mom who hasn’t been as active as she was in the past, our grandparents trying to age well and continue having a high quality of life, and even the business owner taking care of everybody else around them but not having enough time to take care of self. 

Most individuals start in Level 1 which is what we consider our intro program as well as our base longevity program. With just a couple days a week, this is a perfect fit for somebody brand new to working out, just starting back up after time off, or with the long term focus of building strength to stay healthy. (This is typically our starting point for our parents and grandparents)

Level 2 is a spot some people will progress to while others will start at! With 2-3 days of training per week, this is a perfect starting point for somebody new to our system that HAS been working out consistently with weights on their own 2+ days/week but needs more direction. Another great fit for this program is the individual who has reached their milestone markers in level 1 and is ready to push themselves a little bit more to continue progressing. (The video here is from level 2. Originally, in level 1, we were learning how to squat with bodyweight and a 5lb weight) this has turned into sets of 20 reps with a 26lb KB over the course of months. 

Level 3 is what our current adults (ages 20-50) at MAP are used to. This is a great beginning spot for those who have been working out elsewhere (whether on their own or with others) atleast 3+ times/week. This program is typically 2-4 days per week based off the individual and their current schedule and goals. We highly recommend that individuals progress from level 2 first in this program to set them up for the best long term progress. Health is not a sprint. It is a marathon! This requires the right patterns being in place which our coaches are here to HELP you with if needed via our Coaching Systems. 

Level 4 is our most competitive level. This is typically where we place individuals who have very direct competition goals such as powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding shows, and/or an individual who just loves training and is used to working out HARD more than 4 days/week. Good person for this model? The former college athlete still looking to compete, the CrossFit athlete looking to emphasize strength or aesthetics, or even an individual wanting to step on stage for a bodybuilding show. This is also a stair step up available for those who have been in level 3 for months and want MORE. 

Curious where you should start? Reach out to us at to schedule your free intro to put the best plan in place for you and your current busy daily schedule. 

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